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Grants available for projects that benefit North Mymms

Applications have to be in by 6 January 2020

Image courtesy of Best Picko released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

Local voluntary organisations and community groups providing services that “benefit the economic, environmental and/or social wellbeing of residents of the parish of North Mymms” have a month to apply for local authority grants.

Forged £20 banknotes set to “flood the market”

Police warn of counterfeits in run-up to Christmas

Photograph of £20 bank notes by Images Money released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

Hertfordshire police say they expect to see an increase in forged £20 banknotes in the coming months.

A new £20 polymer note will be issued in February. Police say criminals will be attempting “flood the market” with forgeries before the old notes are withdrawn from circulation.

Volunteers wanted to help vulnerable residents

Senior Watch aims to inform elderly residents of crime risks

Image of elderly woman by Borya via Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0

Hertfordshire police are seeking the help of “caring local people” to share crime alerts with older residents who are not online, and who might be missing the regular neighbourhood watch warnings and advice.

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