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Changes to The Brookmans Park Newsletter

Screen grab of The Brookmans Park Newsletter taken on Tuesday 27 February 2018

After 20 years attempting to serve the local online community, the Brookmans Park Newsletter is changing. The history section has moved to The North Mymms History Project, and the site's walks section to Hertfordshire Walker. Any news stories will be updated on this site, North Mymms News, and reflected on the main site.

The history of North Mymms

Long and short walks in the local countryside

The Brookmans Park Newsletter blog

The Brookmans Park Newsletter will provide links to all three sites. It will also showcase the topics being discussed in the forum until the forum closes. We will keep the train times and weather updates live, too. A simple page offering links and information will continue after the main site has been removed.

There is talk in our discussion forum of a new team with new ideas creating a new site and a new forum, perhaps even moving the current forum over. I am happy to help make that happen.

I'd like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this site a valuable part of the local community. It's been quite a journey. The new sites, I hope, will preserve all the previous hard work for many generations to come.