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Chancellor's School expansion plans made public

Four-week consultation ends June 6

Aerial photograph of Chancellor's taken by Paul Large of Falcon Media in September 2002
Aerial photograph of Chancellor's School taken in September 2002
Image by Paul Large of Falcon Media

The public has been given four weeks to respond to expansion plans drawn up for Chancellor's School, Brookmans Park, that aim to cater for a rise in school numbers from 180 to 210. The school says the "improved facilities" should be available from the autumn term of 2019.

Chancellor's says the development is necessary because:

"There is an increase in the student population of Hatfield Town which is now moving into the secondary phase. There are simply not enough secondary school places. Without this expansion there will be unmet demand for school places for the population of the local area."

Screen grab of a Google Maps image of Chancellor's School taken in May 2018
Google Maps image of Chancellor's School taken in May 2018

According to the school there will be a number of benefits. The following bullet points are from the school's proposed expansion plan document, which is published on the Chancellor's School website and also embedded below:

  • A brand new 4-court, modern sports hall, which will provide improved and extended PE and Sport accommodation
  • Seven new classrooms
  • Redesigned entrance areas, improved circulation and landscaped external spaces
  • including a new hard play area
  • Improved parking for staff, students and visitors which should go some way to alleviating parking on Pine Grove, the road approaching the school.

A public exhibition setting out the proposed design of the expansion was held on Friday 18 May. According to the school, the plans will continue to be displayed in the school reception, and can be viewed by appointment only.

Proposed expansion to Chancellor's School

Indicative drawings and plans for Chancellor's School expansion

Public consultation underway - how to respond

Those wanting to respond have until 10am on June 6, 2018. That can be done online (see link below),  or by returning a paper copy of the form to: Mrs Jane Wise, School Business Manager, Chancellor’s School, Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, Herts AL9 7BN.

Fill | Consultation on the proposal to expand Chancellor's School

The history of Chancellor's School

You can read about how Chancellor's School began on the North Mymms History Project.

Aerial photograph of Chancellor's School 1968 Image from Aerofilms Ltd
Chancellor's School 1968 - Image from Aerofilms Ltd

Comments welcome 

Once you have responded via the official consultation methods, please feel free to have your say on the expansion plans below. All contributions to this site are pre-moderated, which means there will be a delay before your comments go live.