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Discussions on local topics moved

The Brookmans Park Newsletter discussion forum has closed

Screen grab of the front page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter June 2018

After more than 15 years featuring debates about local issues, the Brookmans Park Newsletter's discussion forum has closed following dwindling interest and activity.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter will continue without the forum, providing links to our local history site, the North Mymms Local History Project, our walks site, Hertfordshire Walker, and this site, North Mymms News.

If you want to be notified whenever a new article is added to any of the three sites, you can sign up for free email updates at the top right of any page.

We will also continue to publish updates from the Twitter accounts for all three, @NorthMymmsPast, @HertsWalker, and @NorthMymmsNews, as well as the latest train times and weather forecast.

Community discussions

Local issues can now be discussed here on North Mymms News.

If you have a topic you want to raise and discuss, just let us know using the contact form at the bottom right of any page.

Send us some text about the issue, and a picture if possible, and we will consider including it.

Once it is published, you and others will be able to add comments using the comments box at the foot of the article.

The topic, and the resulting discussions can then be shared on your preferred social media platform.