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The Brookmans Park Newsletter has change

New look with enhanced content

Screen grab of the front page of the new-look Brookmans Park Newsletter

The Brookmans Park Newsletter is now a portal, offering an entry point for three new sites where all the history, walks, and archived news features have been updated, enhanced, and extended.

Local history

Screen grab of the North Mymms Local History Project
Screen grab of the North Mymms Local History Project 

The history section of the site is now called the North Mymms History Project. It's three times bigger than it was, and is growing all the time. All the articles have been reworked with new information, images and documents having been added. It's now a massive local resource of historical information. Contributions and comments are always welcome.

Local countryside walks

Screen grab of the Hertfordshire Walker site
Screen grab of the Hertfordshire Walker site

Our walks section has been renamed Hertfordshire Walker. This too has grown. Before we had just 52 local walks. Now we have 74, and we are adding to them all the time. All have directions, maps, and photographs. And all can be downloaded, printed, and use free-of-charge. Again, comments are always welcome.

Local news and discussions

Screen grab of the North Mymms News site
Screen grab of the North Mymms News site

And our local news updates are now on this site, North Mymms News. Here you can suggest stories to be covered, send in text and photographs if you have a local issue you want to air, or simply comment on what has been written.

Other changes

The Brookmans Park Newsletter community forum has closed. The comment and suggestions facility contained on North Mymms News is now the place to raise local concerns.


We have removed the Google adverts from the pages and replaced them with promotions for local charities which the Brookmans Park Newsletter is supporting. These will change from time to time. Currently the three charities are:

Train and weather updates

The home page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter still has live updates for local train services and the local weather forecast as well as Twitter feeds from the three sites mentioned above. You might want to follow all three. The feeds are:

Updates direct to your inbox

If you want email updates when any content is added to any of the three sites, just click on the email alert message at the top right of any page on the site you want to follow, add your email address, and you will be notified when new articles are added.

Have your say

As always you can use the comment box below this piece, or on any piece on all three sites, to share your thoughts or add any information. And please use the contact us form at the bottom right of any page if you want to suggest a story to be covered.