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Facebook page for all things North Mymms

News updates, history, local information, and walks

North Mymms now has a Facebook page for those who want to follow the latest updates from North Mymms News, the North Mymms Local History Project, and Hertfordshire Walker.

Every time a news item, history feature, or walk is added to the sites an update will be posted to the Facebook page. So if you are on Facebook you can 'like' and 'follow' the page to receive notifications when new content is uploaded.

All three sites are already active on Twitter with North Mymms News tweeting @NorthMymmsNews, the North Mymms History Project tweeting @NorthMymmsPast, and Hertfordshire Walker tweeting @HertsWalker.

There is a social sharing bar at the foot of every item posted on all three site, which can be used to share the article on any social media platform you prefer.

Your feedback on the articles posted on North Mymms News is always welcome. Please use the comment box below any news item to have your say. Comments are pre-moderated, so there will be a delay before they appear.