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North Mymms Youth Project seeks volunteer trustees

Two or three local residents required

Campfire - one of the activities of the North Mymms Youth Project in 2017
Campfire - one of the activities of the North Mymms Youth Project in 2017

Leaflets have been delivered door-to-door by the North Mymms Youth Project (NMYP) inviting applications for the role of volunteer trustee for the charity.

The project is hoping to appoint two or three new trustees to help ensure that the legal requirements of the charity are met.

According to the NMYP the responsibilities of a volunteer trustee include:
  • Attending four to six trustee meetings a year (some could be attended by phone)
  • Taking time to understand how the project works, and how it meets its charitable objectives
  • Reading the minutes of the management meetings and considering points arising to discuss at trustee meetings
  • If acting as a trustee with finance responsibilities, taking time to scrutinise finance updates and following up with the treasurer if necessary
  • Taking responsibility for meeting the Charity Commission objectives; mainly the annual return and submitting the accounts.

Annual review of NMYP activities

The leaflet also invites people to view a video of the NMYP's annual review of its activities; that video is embedded below.

If a copy of the leaflet wasn't delivered to your home you can view it below.

The NMYP is a registered charity number 1166086.

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