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Police target speeding drivers in North Mymms

Checks carried out in Welham Green and Little Heath

The speed warning sign on Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park
Image by North Mymms News, released under Creative Commons

Recent speeding checks in North Mymms found that an average of 22% of motorists driving through Welham Green and Little Heath were travelling above the legal speed limit. Police say some offenders lived locally.

Officers have issued an invitation to local residents to volunteers in order to help catch speeding motorists. They say members of the public are "more than welcome" to help carry out their own speed checks using police equipment.

The latest figures show that in Little Heath, 15 out of the 70 vehicles checked (21%) were being driven over the speed limit.

In Welham Green, speeding checks showed that 24 out of the 102 vehicles checked (23%), were travelling too fast.

And police made an interesting observation when checking the names and addresses of offenders. According to Sergeant Stephen Hynes many of those logged as speeding were local.
"Of particular note, the offenders in Little Heath were fairly local to where the checks were carried out - so identifying, as I have done before, that speeding offenders often reside where the offences are committed. Make of that what you will."
He said those who clocked high speeds will be hearing from Hertfordshire Constabulary shortly.

Volunteer to help police catch speeding motorists

The logo for the Hertfordshire police Community DriveSafe scheme

Sergeant Hynes has issued an invitation to members of the public to help catch speeding motorists by borrowing the police equipment and setting up their own speed checks.
"You are more than welcome to join in. Don't leave it to us; make an impact where you live - borrow our kit and be a presence in your area."
To do so you have to apply to join the Volunteer Drivesafe scheme on the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner website. The volunteer guide is embedded below.

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