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"Stoned" youths found in car at Gobions

Police says don't do drugs and drive

Image of cars in Gobions car park courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary
Image courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary

"Two lads" escorted home to "unimpressed" parents

Responding to reports of suspicious activity in Gobions Open Space car park this week, officers found two 17-year-olds who had "clearly taken something" and were "unfit to drive".

Sergeant Stephen Hynes says police spoke to the "two lads" - who were not local - and decided to escort them home where they were met by their parents who were "unimpressed and supportive of the police action".

Police have issued a reminder that there is no such thing as safe drug use and driving, but they say they are concerned that the message doesn't seem to have registered with some.

Now they hope that word will get around that local police are on the case.

Increased patrols over the festive season

Image of breath test courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary
Image courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary
The Hertfordshire Constabulary drink/drug driving campaign is ramped up over at this time of the year, which traditionally sees the greatest number of drink/drug related driving incidents on the county’s road.

Officers will be testing drivers following a road traffic collision, a moving traffic offence, or when drink driving is suspected.

Drug impairment tests are also used to identify those who have taken controlled drugs before getting behind the wheel.

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