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Brookmans Park scout hut broken into

"Another unnecessary expense" - group scout leader

Damaged door at Brookmans Park scout hut Image courtesy of Brookmans Park Group Scout Leader, Ian Lewington
Damaged door at Brookmans Park scout hut
Image courtesy of Brookmans Park Group Scout Leader, Ian Lewington

Brookmans Park's group scout leader, Ian Lewington says that there has been a break in at the local scout hut on Station Road.

It happened overnight on the same night that burglars forces their way into Brookmans Park station ticket office.

Posting on the Brookmans Park News & Events Facebook page, Ian Lewington says that luckily there was little damage done, but says it is "another unnecessary expense".

Hertfordshire police have been informed about the break in at the scout hut. British Transport police are investigating the robbery at Brookmans Park Station.

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