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Doorbell cameras and CCTV highlight crime risk

Residents spot thieves looking for unlocked vehicles

Herts police crime alert

Hertfordshire police say there’s been an increase in reports of attempted vehicle crimes as more and more people install doorbell cameras and CCTV at their homes.

In most cases the would-be thieves move on once they find a vehicles is locked, but police say the footage gathered by residents highlights the scale of the problem.

car theft image courtesy of Pixabay

Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer Derrick Sweeney says the reports from home owners are a reminder that criminals are active in the area and are looking for any opportunity.
“We are receiving an increase in reports of attempted vehicle crimes where residents have caught footage of unknown persons approaching their cars and trying the door handles, apparently looking for insecure vehicles.  
“In most cases, the vehicle’s doors were locked and the potential offender has moved on.  However, we receive numerous reports every day of items stolen from vehicles that were left insecure or where the means of entry into the vehicle was unknown. 
“This evidence reinforces the importance of always checking your vehicle is locked and secure, even when it is parked outside your home or on your driveway. You should also ensure that nothing of value is left in your car when it is unattended.” 
Police have put together a vehicle security checklist to help local residents. If you spot any suspect activity you are encouraged to report it to by calling 101.

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