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Popular local police officer moves on

Sergeant Stephen Hynes says farewell 

Sergeant Stephen Hynes - image courtesy of Hertfordshire Police

The police officer in charge of the local Neighbourhood Watch and head of the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Sergeant Stephen Hynes, has sent his last email message to local residents via the OWL (Online Watch Link) service.

Sergeant Hynes is well known for his proactive attitude to policing and his humorous writing style. He regularly broke with tradition moving away from the old-style language of police news releases and, instead, issued fresh and engaging updates.

A couple of example of Stephen‘s writing style below:

“Success – Welham Green. We have been aware of a premises in Welham Green for some time. A house which was being used by all and sundry. Yesterday, we attended and gave the occupant an option to open the door before we did it for him. A male was found inside in possession of drugs. This property has now been reported to the council and we will assist them in recovering it. Do you know of any abandoned addresses being used for illegal purposes.? If so, let your local officer know and leave the rest to us…”
“Empty seats! Police officers are all the the station, drinking tea. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Not many in today - All response teams and the SNT and Burglary team were all out, all protecting you and there for you. Like PC Turner who attended and assisted a vulnerable resident who had some scam calls. Preventative measures have been put in place and they feel much safer.”
And here is his farewell message, sent out on Tuesday afternoon 22 January 2019.

Dear Watch Member,
I started this OWL news thing, because I wanted you to be informed about what we were doing. To make you feel more safe, knowing we were there, helping and protecting you. To dispel the myths about where the Police are.To show you what we actually do well and to counter the tabloids and local social media. I think that has been achieved. We cant always get it right, all the time - we accept that. 
In my nearly 30 years, I have had a fantastic career, mostly as a Detective investigating the most serious of crime. You never saw me doing that, but I was there for you. You didn't see me arresting numerous offenders for the worst imaginable crimes, but I protected you and your families by doing that. You didn't see me with my intelligence team as we failed to allow over 100 stolen vehicles get to the far east for deployment in warfare. Nor did you see me prevent the distribution of money and drugs in Hertfordshire and beyond, in bulk. You haven't seen what I have, and thank God for that. I will never unsee it. 
The Job is over for me, I am leaving. This is my last message and I wish you all well. If there is one thing I can ask of you, it is please to support YOUR Police. The Police are the People and the People are the Police. I'll be one of you very shortly; The team here work so hard for you . Help them out, be kind to them and offer them a hand. One day, you might need theirs. 
With all the kindness and best wishes to you and all your families. 
Stay safe 

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