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Brown bin collection misses some homes

Council says leave the bins out

Image: Brown recycling bins

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council says it wasn’t aware that the gardening waste recycling collection was missed along Moffats Lane, Brookmans Park on Thursday 28 February, but the local authority advises residents to leave their bins out and they will try to arrange collection tomorrow.

The blue-topped recycling bins were emptied. Usually the refuse collectors return to empty the brown bins, but failed to turn up.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC) has an online form for residents to fill out if their bin has been missed, but in this case it’s the whole road, not individual bins.

The WHBC site has a page explaining what to do in the event of a bin not being collected. The council’s advice is:
How we deal with missed bins
If you believe your bin or bins were genuinely missed, please inform us as soon as possible using the reporting link above. We will only deal with a missed collection if it’s reported within two working days after your collection day. For example, if your bin was missed on a Monday, we must know by the end of Wednesday. Even if your bin is less than half full and you do not need us to return before your next collection we would still like to know for our records. If we genuinely missed your bin(s) we will return within three working days.
Currently there is a £35 a year charge for brown bin collections in Welwyn Hatfield.

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