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Can you identify these local historical bridges?

Major North Mymms crossings mapped for first time

Image: montage of photographs of North Mymms bridges taken by Peter Miller

Do you recognise any of the bridges in the picture above? They are just a selection of 17 historical bridges in North Mymms which have been carrying pedestrians, vehicles and trains over waterways, roads and railway lines for more than 100 years.

Local historian, Peter Miller, one of the team of four behind the North Mymms History Project, has been researching local bridges and bringing together old and recent photographs, maps and documents to chart the major historical bridge of North Mymms.

Peter has deliberately left out the more recent bridges, such as those over the A1(M), and has not included a number of footbridges along local footpaths.

Do you have any old pictures of the historical bridges of North Mymms, or any information you would like to share with our history site? If so, please get in touch by using the contact form at the bottom right of any page.

The feature includes an interactive map, embedded below, showing the bridges along with a short description and photograph.

Map of major historical bridges in North Mymms

The map below is best viewed in full-screen mode. To activate, click on the oblong icon top right of the map to ‘View larger map’. The icon at the top left of the bar above the map will reveal the list of bridges. Click on the name of the bridge in that list to reveal more details. The colours are as follows:
  • Blue = The bridges of Ray Brook
  • Orange = The bridges of Mimmshall Brook
  • Green = The bridges of the River Colne
  • Grey = The bridge over Skimpans Brook
  • Red = The bridges of the East Coast Main Line
The light green shaded area indicates the parish of North Mymms.

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