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Local medical centre steeped in history

The lodge on a former 15th century estate

Photograph of Potterells Lodge as a private house in July 1966 Image from R. Kingdon
Potterells Lodge as a private house in July 1966
Image from R. Kingdon, from The Images Of North Mymms Collection
If you have ever sat in the reception area at Potterells Medical Centre on Station Road waiting to see a doctor or nurse you may not have realised that you are surrounded by local history. The site was once the lodge for a 15th century manor house called Potterells which fell into ruin almost 50 years ago.

According to archaeological historian John Brushe, the origins of Potterells are obscure but the site dates back to around the 15th century as a sub-manor of Brookmans. It started to decay in the early 1970s.

In 1986, John wrote an article about Potterells for Issue 21 of Hertfordshire's Past magazine. In it he highlighted the splendour and the decay of what was once one of the grand houses of North Mymms.

Fig.2. Sketch view of the entrance front in 1840 by J.C. Buckler. (Courtesy of the Hertfordshire Records Office)
Sketch of the front of Potterells by J.C. Buckler 1840
Image courtesy of the Hertfordshire Records Office

Image: Fig 9: View from the north-west 1981 (Courtesy of the Royal Commission of the Historical Monuments of England)
Potterells viewed from the north-west in 1981
Image courtesy of the Royal Commission of the Historical Monuments of England

The history of Potterells by John Brushe is now reproduced in full on the North Mymms History Project and is free to download and read.

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