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680 knives surrendered during amnesty

216 in Hatfield and 253 in Potters Bar

Graphic of knife amnesty results in Hertfordshire 2019 courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary

Hertfordshire police say the latest knife amnesty has resulted in a record number of items being surrendered across the county. The haul includes swords, military knives, knuckle dusters, and a large number of kitchen knives.

The amnesty, which ran from 11 to 17 March was part of Operation Sceptre, a national campaign aimed at reducing the number of illegal knives in circulation.

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, said the amnesty sends our a clear message.
“These amnesties are an integral part of Hertfordshire’s Serious Violence Strategy to reduce the number of knives on the streets, but also to send the message out that carrying a knife won’t keep you safe.
“The response from the public has been very good and we have had some great feedback. However, we all need to continue to work together In Hertfordshire to ensure young people are aware of the risks of carrying a knives.”  
Other activities carried out during the campaign included test purchasing operations with cadets, to ensure retailers were adhering to laws regarding knife sales to those under 18.

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