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Many Potterells patient services now online

Prescriptions, appointments, and medical records

Image: Potterells Medical Centre, Station Road, North Mymms
Potterells Medical Centre, Station Road, North Mymms

Those with online access can now make use of a number of digital services provided by Potterells Medical Centre. Registered patients can now request or change appointments, order prescriptions, or check their medical records at the click of a mouse.

The North Mymms practice is now using 'systmonline' the patient online system.

Registration is free of charge. All you have to do is turn up at the surgery, show a photo identity such as a driving licence or passport, fill in a form, and you will be given your password details there and then. The process takes minutes and you can log in immediately.

The access screen for systmonline

Services covered include appointments, medication, and access to your personal records. The screen grab below from a personal account shows all the options available as of 1 March 2019. The services in grey are not currently accessible.

Image: The services available through the Potterells online system
The services available through the Potterells online system

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