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Council calls for comments on development proposals

Reminder sent out encouraging people to have their say

Photograph of new housing - image courtesy of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC) has tweeted that people have until 5pm on Tuesday 18 June to comment on the sites that have been promoted to be included in the Local Plan. (UPDATE: comment deadline extended until 5pm on Friday 21 June)

The local green belt society held a public meeting at the United Reformed Church in Brookmans Park, on Monday 3 June to discuss the proposals, and North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) held a public meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 4 June at North Mymms Youth and Community Centre.

The WHBC tweet encouraging people to comment is embedded below.

The authority says more than 140 sites “have been suggested by land owners and developers for new housing, employment, mixed use or other developments”.
“As part of our Local Plan examination, we are currently exploring whether any additional sites may be suitable to help meet the objectively assessed need for housing sites.  
“This is your opportunity to comment on the promoted sites before any decisions are made on which sites, if any, will be taken forward to the examination.”
The local green belt society organised a public meeting to discuss proposals for 42 new or re-promoted development sites in North Mymms. If built on the land could accommodate an additional 3,200 homes in the parish. This is on top of the 621 new homes currently allocated in the Local Plan.

The 42 sites were put forward earlier this year when WHBC made a fresh call for development suggestions after the independent inspector ruled that the current Draft Plan didn’t meet the local housing requirement. All the sites are in the green belt.

Earlier this month the council set out the steps that it says have been agreed “to ensure that the Local Plan is adopted as quickly as possible”.

In order to inform local residents about the proposals, the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) held a public meeting on Monday 3 June at the United Reformed Church in Brookmans Park.

The local authority's document Welwyn Hatfield Draft Local Plan - Consultation on sites promoted through the Call for Sites 2019 runs to almost 200 pages and is embedded below. The WHBC consultation portal has information about how you can comment.

North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) has set out its response to the proposed sites and invited local residents to a public meeting.

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