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Welwyn Hatfield sets out planning deadlines

Council wants plan adopted “as quickly as possible”

Image of Housebuilding by jovike released under CC BY-NC 2.0

Following the release last week of the locations of the 140+ new and re-promoted sites put forward for possible development, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC) has set out the steps that it says have been agreed “to ensure that the Local Plan is adopted as quickly as possible”.

Those wanting to comment have until Tuesday 18 June to do so. Details about how to register your comments are set out below.

Last week WHBC released the details of the new and re-promoted sites which include 42 in North Mymms.

These sites are on top of the sites that were previously promoted and allocated and which are now in the council’s Draft Local Plan. We have embedded the Draft Local Plan below). We have also include the local green belt society's maps of the existing local allocated sites.

Many of the previously promoted sites that were not allocated have now been re-promoted, either in their original or revised form.

The new and re-promoted sites have been suggested after WHBC put out a “call for sites” following the independent inspector’s ruling that the current Draft Plan didn’t meet the local housing requirement.

If the 42 sites in North Mymms are developed they could accommodate more than 3,200 dwellings. All are in the green belt. You can view all the proposed North Mymms sites here.

Local Plan timetable

The borough council has revealed the steps that need to be taken in the next 12 months. Introducing the latest issue of Local Plan News Issue 17 May 2019 (embedded below) the council says:
“The following timetable has been agreed to ensure that the Local Plan is adopted as quickly as possible, taking into account the technical work needed to progress the plan.”
May-June 2019 

Publication of promoted new sites for public comment for six weeks.

Summer 2019 

Individual and cumulative analysis of sites and public comments by council officers.

September 2019

Members of the Council to consider changes to the housing target in the Local Plan from existing sites (such as increased densities) and from the identification of any new sites to be proposed for allocation.

September 2019 

Submit technical evidence and proposed modifications, including new sites to inspector for examination.

November 2019

Examination hearing sessions to take place on new sites, village sites and Symondshyde village.

Jan-Feb 2020

Modifications consultation for 6 weeks.

April 2020 

Publication of Inspector’s Report.

June 2020

Adoption of Local Plan.

Registering your comments

You can access the council's planning portal here where you can download a response form or comment online. The council has prepared a guide for those who wish to comment on any of the proposed sites.

The fact that the sites have been made public at the same time as the consultation announced offers a short timeframe for considered responses.

The former Conservative-led council decided not to make the sites public until after the recent elections even though they have known where the sites are for months.

WHBC Draft Plan Proposed Submission Document

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council map of sites

Local green belt society meeting

The North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) is holding a public meeting on Monday 3 June to give members an opportunity to voice their views. The society says further details will be released soon.

The NMDGBS has produced maps showing the sites that are currently allocated in the Draft Plan. Images courtesy of the society.

Image courtesy of the NMDGBC

Image courtesy of the NMDGBC

Image courtesy of the NMDGBC

Image courtesy of the NMDGBC

Local Plan News Issue 17 May 2019

Copyright information

The image of house building above is by John Koegh and is released under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0.

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