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Latest telephone scam calls in Hertfordshire

Neighbourhood watch update on hoaxes

Phone scam images by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Three telephone scams are being carried out locally according to the Online Watch Link (OWL).

One claims tax is owing, another that there are BT telephone line problems, and the third is claiming bank account fraud.

All three want to fool victims into giving over personal details and paying the caller money.

Derrick Sweeney, watch liaison officer for the local neighbourhood watch set out how the three scams work in a message to all those registered for OWL updates.

You owe tax

A person calls you from a ‘spoofed’ number - the number displayed is a legitimate HMRC phone number.

The call often starts with a recorded message saying that a warrant has been issued for your arrest if you do not pay outstanding tax.

An option to speak to someone is given. 

They will ask you to visit a local shop or Post Office to buy vouchers for iTunes or Google Play or similar.

The person then asks for the code on the voucher and tells you that you have now paid the tax and the warrant will be cancelled.

This is a scam.

HMRC would never call you if you owe tax and would never ask you to buy gift vouchers from a shop.

BT telephone line problems

Many people have received calls from people claiming to be from “BT” and saying that there is a fault on their telephone line or a problem with their internet.

This is the start of a scam.

BT would not phone you about your line, they would wait for you to report any issues to them.

Please do not give ANY personal details to these callers and simply terminate the call.

If they call back, just end the call again.

Police fraud investigation

You are called by someone claiming to be a police officer who is investigating a fraud involving your account.

They either ask you to move your money from your bank account or they ask you to assist an investigation by purchasing an expensive item.

This is a scam.

A police officer would never tell you to move or spend your money.

If you think there is a problem with your bank account it is best to visit your bank or call them on their published number.

Reporting scams

These scam calls can be reported directly to Action Fraud online or by calling 03001232040 - please make a note any phone numbers the scammers ask you to call as this might assist an investigation.

If you do become a victim and a caller arranges to attend your address to collect vouchers or cash, please call police on 101, or 999 if the crime is in progress.

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