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Recall of Quorn cocktail sausages

Hertfordshire Trading Standards say they might contain metal

A alert has been sent out by Hertfordshire Trading Standards warning anyone who has bought Quorn cocktail sausages to return them for a full refund. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) says the product might contain “small pieces of metal” making the sausages unsafe to eat and presents a safety risk.

The cocktail sausages are in 180g packs with the use by dates of 27 July 2019, 28 July 2019, and 30 July 2019. The barcode on the product is 501950302302.

The FSA says the presence of metal is due to a production issue and that no other products are affected.

According to the FSA, point of sale notices have been displayed in all retail stores that are selling the product.

The notices explain to customers why the sausages are being recalled and tell them what to do if they have bought them.

The FSA says if you have bought the sausages you should return them to the store from where they were purchased for a full refund.

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