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Unofficial dog ban notices appear in Gobions

Dog owners told to ignore the signs

Dog ban notice at Gobions - image courtesy of Brookmans Park News and Events Facebook page

Signs have been posted at Gobions Open Space telling dog owners that dog walking is no longer allowed on the parish council-owned field or on any council-owned land.

But a North Mymms Parish councillor says the signs should be ignored and do not represent parish council policy.

The appearance of the signs was reported on the Brookmans Park Local News and Events Facebook page and brought a swift response from local residents.

Some of the comments so far...
“Perhaps the parish should build a dog run so those owners who want to let their dogs run can do so in a controlled environment. As my eldest child is scared of dogs (due to having a dog jump on her in Gobions- notably the owner said the dog wouldn’t bite- but it only takes once) owners should keep their dogs on leads and clean-up the crap. Your dog- your responsibility. And please take to your bin, too!”
“Stopped going there as it stinks of poo and dodging it is a nightmare. Nothing against the dogs but the dog walkers need to take responsibility. A selfish few spoiling it for others as per usual.”
“The dog walkers here are the worst kind of people who visit this area, need to take more care and clean up after themselves.”
“Dogs do need to be kept under more control and picked up after tho. I went for a picnic there a few weeks back. Dog poo everywhere and dogs begging for food. I wouldn't go this far. But if it ain't trained well keep it on a lead and don't leave dog poo on the grass.”
“Probably because people are sick of going for walks and treading in dog shit round there.”

Gobions Wood dog restrictions 

The adjacent Gobions Wood, a Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) reserve, has dog restrictions notices, but these do not apply to the North Mymms Parish Council owned land. There,  dog owners are encouraged keep dogs on a lead in certain areas, but in May HMWT reported that some of these notices had been removed.

Dog restriction signs - image by HMWT released under Creative Commons

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