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Old web address could soon change hands

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We are considering ending the renewal of www.brookmans.com, which was the web address for the Brookmans Park Newsletter before it became North Mymms News in February 2018.

The address currently works as a redirect to this site, North Mymms News, which also has its own address https://www.northmymms.uk.

We are aware that some local residents have bookmarked www.brookmans.com. We recommend that you bookmark https://www.northmymms.uk instead.

Those who had email aliases @brookmans.com have been informed and encouraged to revert back to their previous email addresses.

Bookmarking a website

The Brookmans Park Newsletter

For those who don’t remember the Brookmans Park Newsletter, it served the local community of Brookmans Park for 20 years from 1998 before widening the area it covered to include all of the civil parish of North Mymms.

Screen grab image of The Brookmans Park Newsletter front page in February 2018
The Brookmans Park Newsletter front page in February 2018

There is a piece about how the Brookmans Park Newsletter was set up on our history site the North Mymms History Project. You can read about the changes that resulted in the creation of North Mymms News on our About page.

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