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Volunteers wanted to help clean up Travellers Lane

Local business owner aims to restore pride in the area

Travellers Lane Industrial Estate, Welham Green
Image courtesy of Mike Goldwater
The managing director of a company on the Travellers Lane Industrial Estate in Welham Green says he's appalled that parts of the business area have become “overgrown and unkempt”.

He’s calling on local businesses to encourage pride in the estate and pull together to tidy the place up.

Mike Goldwater, the managing director at nCompass Communications on the industrial estate, says he’s particularly concerned by the state of the land in front of the businesses that face the railway line.

Travellers Lane Industrial Estate, Welham Green  Image courtesy of Mike Goldwater
Travellers Lane Industrial Estate, Welham Green 
Image courtesy of Mike Goldwater
Writing on the Welham Green Facebook page he says he walks down Travellers Lane to Welham Green station regularly, and claims it’s impossible to use the pavement as all the trees have been allowed to take over the paths, with pedestrians forced to share the road with all the traffic, trucks, vans and "boy racers".
“The grass in front of all the units is overgrown and unkempt and the car parks are covered in weeds, some of which are so large that they’re actually tearing the buildings and car parks apart. The area reminds me of an old derelict Eastern Bloc factory estate.
“In the ‘old days’, businesses took a real pride in the appearance of their buildings with immaculate lawns, well maintained trees, neat and orderly car parks etc.”
Mike is calling on local business owners, landlords, facilities managers and staff to set aside a few minutes each day to make Travellers Lane a more attractive and safer place to walk. He says managers need to encourage their staff to take a real pride in their environment and their work.

He’s suggesting a group of people with local business interests get together and spend a day tackling the problem.
“Once it’s back in good shape, it’ll be easy to maintain. Any volunteers?”
Travellers Lane Industrial Estate is a described as a self-contained site of approximately 3.35 acres that is compromised of warehouse, office, retail and industrial units.

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