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Out of control dogs and dog fouling

Dog owners urged to keep pets under control

Sign on footpath 9, Brookmans Park. Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Dog owners using a local public footpath are being urged to keep their pets under control and to clear up after them. It follows concerns for the welfare of livestock in the area, and the failure of some dog owners to pick up and remove dog mess.

Hertfordshire’s rights of way team has posted a sign at the northern end of North Mymms footpath 9 which runs south from the junction with Bradmore Lane and Station Road. The path is popular with local dog walkers. The sign reminds owners of their responsibility. It reads:
“Dog owners, we would like you and others to enjoy this route, therefore if you let your dog off the lead, please make sure that it is under close control at all times and not allowed to run free and disturb other people.
“Please also be aware of ground nesting birds and keep your dog from roaming free in woodland, scrub, long grass or crops, as your dog may mean no harm to the birds, but as far as the bird is concerned, your pet is a predator that could threaten them and their young. While parent birds are taking evasive action to lure the dog away from the nest, the eggs could get cold or be taken by scavengers like crows and newly-hatched birds could die of exposure.
“Also when passing through or close to fields containing livestock you may need to keep your dog on a lead, as even if your dog does not physically attack the livestock, chasing them can cause pregnant cows and sheep to abort or lead to panicked stock getting tangled up in fences.
“You are welcome to exercise yourself and your dogs on this Public Right of Way, but we ask that if your dog does foul the route, the mess is immediately bagged, removed and disposed of responsibly by the person in charge of the dog. Please do not bag the mess and leave it on the Right of Way for somebody else to remove.
“Remember: It is your dog, It is your responsibility.”

Sign on footpath 9, Brookmans Park. Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

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