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Woman “bitten by a rottweiler” near Gobions Pond

Incident reported to Hertfordshire police

Path around Gobions Pond Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Path around Gobions Pond
Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

It’s claimed that a local woman has been given a tetanus injection after being bitten in the stomach by a “rescue dog”.

A post on the local community site NextDoor says that the woman was walking by the lake in Gobions when a rottweiler “lunged” at her dog. As she tried to rescue her pet, the rottweiler “bit her on the stomach, drawing blood”.

According to the report the rottweiler was on a lead and the man walking it said it was a “rescue dog”.

The incident was reported to Hertfordshire police who advised that anyone experiencing a dog attack should ask for the owner’s name and address and report the incident.

Several local residents have commented on the discussion thread on NextDoor.
“This must be the same dog that scared our daughter. She was only talking about this tonight because she said someone else complained about what must be the same dog.”  Denise Shaw, Brookmans Park.
“He sounds like a dangerous dog, we must all be vigilant.” Tricia Robinson, Brookmans Park.
“I regularly walk in the morning with my dog have let everybody know this a.m. to be vigilant. I am not sure what the context was but, that said, the gentleman does need to have control if his dog is so unpredictable, especially a large breed like a rottweiler. Please let all dog walkers know so that everybody walking dogs in Gobions can be sure to give a wide passing as the paths around the lake are quite narrow.” Karen Bacchus, Brookmans Park.
“I think I know who this is. I have a rescue beagle that is muzzled and this gentleman is extremely careful that he gives me space to pass and our dogs never meet. The dog is always on a short lead and controlled, so this may have been just an awful incident that took everyone by surprise. It’s a terrible shame this has happened. Like me, he tends to walk when it’s not too busy.” Gill Sinnott, Brookmans Park.

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