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Don’t attempt to use Oyster at Brookmans Park

It won’t work, despite claims to the contrary

The error message received when trying to use Oyster at Brookmans Park station
Screen grab from Geoff Marshall's video
For those confused by the misleading information put out about using Oyster cards at Brookmans Park station, a YouTube video now explains what can and can’t be done.

Geoff Marshall, the man behind the All The Stations YouTube channel, has been investigating what happens when you try to use an Oyster card at Brookmans Park.

Despite false claims made this summer that an Oyster machine has been installed at Brookmans Park station, and that “local rail travellers will finally be able to use Oyster and contactless payment cards for journeys to and from London”, the fact is that the contactless readers at Brookmans Park do not currently work with Oyster; the readers at the station are currently for contactless payments only.

Anyone who begins their journey in an Oyster zone and attempts to tap out with an Oyster card at Brookmans Park will get an error message.

Geoff Marshall made a special trip to Brookmans Park to test the system. Skip to the seven minute mark if you want to see Geoff @geofftech try to tap out with Oyster at Brookmans Park.

Signs at the station clearly indicate that Oysters can’t currently be used.

Sign at Brookmans Park station saying Oyster is not valid  Image by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Sign at Brookmans Park station saying Oyster is not valid
Image by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

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