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Local trick-or-treat map for Hallowe’en

Find out which houses are happy for visits and which are not

Image by Hannah Howarth released via Creative Commons BY-ND 2.0
Image by Hannah Howarth released via Creative Commons BY-ND 2.0

The postcode social media website NextDoor.co.uk has created a Hallowe'en treat map showing which local houses would be responsive to visits from trick-or-treaters and which would not.

The idea is to ensure that those knocking on doors pick the most receptive homes to visit.

Screen grab of trick-or-treat map for North Mymms
Screen grab of trick-or-treat map for North Mymms

Not everyone is registered with the site, so the map (above) shows only those which are part of the local NextDoor network.

Brookmans Park currently has 462 members (according to the website that’s 30%), Welham Green has 355 members, Bell Bar 83, and Swanley Bar seven.

So the map of who would welcome people knocking on their doors is not a complete picture of which homes would welcome unexpected visitors and which would rather people didn’t knock on their doors.

At the time of writing there are four houses in Brookmans Park happy to have trick or treaters, two in Welham Green, and two in Little Heath.

Stay safe at Hallowe'en

During Hallowe'en, officers from the Hertfordshire police Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out extra patrols in the area for safety reasons. The police advice for staying safe is as follows:
  • Never go trick-or-treating alone – always take an adult with you.
  • Don’t knock on the doors of strangers, for your own safety always visit people you know.
  • Keep your ‘tricks’ safe – any deliberate behaviour that results in damage to property or hurts someone is a crime.
  • When you are out and about at night you should wear bright clothes and remember your road safety advice.
Herts police have produced signs that people can print off and put in their windows to indicate whether trick or treaters are welcome or not. The signs, embedded below, can be downloaded and printed.

For houses where Hallowe'en trick-or-treaters are welcome

For houses where Hallowe'en trick-or-treaters are not welcome

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