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Police announce spot checks for defective tyres

Any faults could result in fines and penalty points

Police will be looking out for flaws in the tyres
Image by Sean MacEntee released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

Roadside checks will be carried out throughout Hertfordshire during October as police try to reduce the number of accidents caused by worn or faulty tyres during what’s being called tyre safety month.

Officers will be pulling vehicles over for tyre safety checks as part of their routine patrols.

Some tyres may appear to have good tread on the outside but could be damaged out of view
Image by Gene Selkov released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

Motorists whose tyres are found to be defective could face a fine and penalty points.

Police say anyone wanting more information should visit TyreSafe where there are tips on what to look out for when checking your vehicle’s tyres including ensuring that:

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