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Second dog attack at Gobions Open Space

German Shepherd bites local woman

Jonas Way, leading to Gobions Open Space Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Jonas Way, leading to Gobions Open Space
Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
There has been another dog attack at Gobions, the second in a week.

According to a local resident who contacted North Mymms News, the latest incident happened at 7.40am on Thursday morning 24 October along Jonas Way, the lane leading to the Gobions Open Space car park.

Neighbours were alerted by the screams of “a woman being attacked” and “calling for help”.

The local resident says the woman “came running up Jonas Way screaming for us to let her in”.

The woman who was attacked had been walking her Jack Russell in Gobions when a German Shepherd, which was running loose and not with its owner, went for it.

When she tried to release the Jack Russell from the German Shepherd’s jaws, the woman was attacked.

The woman was bitten on her side and has bruises and a gash to her face where the German Shepherd jumped up at her.

The local resident who came to her aid says the woman “was traumatised and the German Shepherd remained outside our front door for a few minutes before losing interest and heading back down to Gobions”.

“Luckily everyone rallied round, the police were called, and the German Shepherd was located and returned to its owner”, the witness said.

Earlier this week there were reports of a woman being bitten in the stomach by a Rottweiler as she was walking her dog near Gobions Pond.

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