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Brookmans Avenue burglary and attempted burglary

Did you see anything suspicious early Monday 18 November?

Hertfordshire police appeal notice

A Brookmans Avenue resident woke up on Monday morning to find the hall light on and a burglar running out of the front door with car keys and bank cards.

The intruder ran down the avenue towards Brookmans Park village centre.

Local police say they are also investigating an attempted burglary, also in Brookmans Avenue, on the same morning.

Officers are asking for anyone who saw anything suspicious to get in touch.

In a message circulated by the Hertfordshire Online Watch Link (OWL), Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Deborah Rogers asks for anyone who saw or heard anything to contact Hertfordshire Constabulary on 101 quoting the crime numbers below.

Crime number 41/104109/19 - attempted burglary in Brookmans Avenue 
The person reporting the incident awoke to find their side gate open and their locked shed had been opened. They then noticed jemmy marks to the garage, but entry had not been gained.

Crime number 41/104026/19 - burglary Brookmans Avenue
At 06:45am the person reporting the incident awoke to find the hall light on. He saw somebody run out of the front door and down the hill towards the village. Bank cards and vehicle keys were stolen, although the vehicles had not been moved, possibly because the offender had been disturbed.

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