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Survey to identify issues facing local young people

Feedback will help plan “appropriate services”

Hertfordshire young people - image courtesy of YC Hertfordshire
Image courtesy of YC Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire youth workers are asking local young people to take part in an online survey as part of a fact-finding exercise to try to improve services.

The aim is to find out what affects the lives of young people in the area, and to work out what can be done to create better opportunities in the county.

Anonymous survey takes 15 mins to complete

Participants are advised to remain anonymous and to not include their name, contact details or address.

Those taking part are asked to answer as many questions as they can. Organisers say the more details that are provided the more the county can help.

Already 2,000 young people have taken part. The survey runs for another two weeks, closing on Friday 29 November.

Interactive icon linking to the YC Hertfordshire survey

Current support for local young people

YC Hertfordshire is part of Hertfordshire County Council. It provides youth work projects and programmes, information, advice, guidance, work-related learning, outdoor education, and support for young people aged 13-19, or up to 24 for young people with learning disabilities. For young people leaving care, support is offered up to the age of 21.

The group says its personal advisers and youth workers “are professionally trained to provide the highest level of support and work closely with partners to provide counselling, mentoring or access to other services”.

YC Hertfordshire has a wide range of youth work projects across the county in which young people are encouraged to get involved. Through these projects, they meet new people, learn skills and take part in challenging opportunities.

YC Hertfordshire youth project available locally

The group currently has 20 projects in Welwyn Hatfield.

Young people who participate are encouraged to develop their personal and social skills by taking part in activities including sports, drama, dance, music, workshops, outdoor education, and volunteering.

YC Hertfordshire says it can help young people “with the issues which are important to them, such as jobs, careers and education, relationships, sexual health, confidence, self-esteem, substance misuse, staying safe, housing, and independent living skills”.

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