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Volunteers needed to sort jumble for January sale

Chance for a clear out or to pick up a bargain

The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre jumble sale image courtesy of Martin Ferdinando

Organisers of the annual winter jumble sale at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre are looking for volunteers to spare some time sorting through the jumble in the run up to the day of the sale.

This year’s new year jumble sale at the centre is on Saturday 4 January and runs from 10am to noon. Admission is 50p, with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of the centre.

When to drop off any jumble

The centre will be open to receive jumble for four hours a day on the three days leading up to the sale.

Anyone wanting to donate any goods can visit the centre, which is off Station Road, Welham Green, between 2pm and 4pm, and 7pm and 9pm on Wednesday 1 January and Thursday 2 January, and between 1pm and 5pm on Friday 3 January.

No jumble can be delivered on the day of the sale.

The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre jumble sale image courtesy of Martin Ferdinando 

Anyone who wants to help sort the jumble just needs to turn up during the opening times listed above and in the flyer below.

The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre jumble sale image courtesy of Martin Ferdinando

Supporting local community activities

Committee member Martin Ferdinando says the twice-yearly jumble sales raise more than half the annual fundraising total which goes towards covering overheads of more than £25,000 a year and other costs including insurance and clearing up rubbish illegally dumped on the site.
“Fund-raising by the committed volunteers amounts to £5,000 annually; in this regard the jumble sales contribute around 55%, with overall attendance of more than 200 people, plus twice-yearly quiz nights making the important balance.”
He says the upkeep of the centre and the site is a continual challenge ensuring health and safety plus all the regulatory requirements are met.
“The eight and a half acre site comprises the centre with car park plus woodland and fields, land which is owned by Welwyn Hatfield Council and leased to the charity.
“The centre has a flat roof, which needs replacing approximately every 25 years and a building of its construction needs lots of maintenance and things like replacement windows, toilets, lighting, re-wiring, and an endless cycle of maintenance.
“The annual overheads include running costs, such as lighting, heating, cleaning, repairs, as well as on-going refurbishment of the building itself, the car park and the woodland site; this amount to more than £25,000 per year.
“Annual insurances, including public liability, are ever increasing at £2,500 per year. The collection of rubbish, often including fly-tipped items, costs the centre more than £1,000 a year. 
“The balance of the centre’s revenue comes from lettings and takings, donations and grants.”
The main hirers of the centre are the Willowbrook Nursery School, The North Mymms Youth Project, the North Mymms Horticultural Society, Slimming World, and various judo, yoga, and other classes. It’s also hired for parties for all ages, and general meetings.

Martin says the centre survives thanks to “the marvellous effort of a group of committed volunteers”, but he says more volunteers are needed as older team members retire from volunteering.

The centre offers a generous space, including the reception and mezzanine area coupled with two large areas for entertainment and other activities.

Anyone wanting to hire the centre can do so by using the contact number or email address on the centre’s website.

How to get there

North Mymms Youth and Community Centre is off Station Road, Welham Green, grid ref: TL 23758 05056, What3Words: plants.sticks.wool.

There is a free car park at the centre.

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