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Volunteers wanted to help vulnerable residents

Senior Watch aims to inform elderly residents of crime risks

Image of elderly woman by Borya via Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0

Hertfordshire police are seeking the help of “caring local people” to share crime alerts with older residents who are not online, and who might be missing the regular neighbourhood watch warnings and advice.

The force has set up Senior Watch to help inform and protect Hertfordshire’s older population “who are potentially vulnerable to crime”.

Police say a “growing population of older residents” don’t have access to online sources of information.

Officers are asking those who do receive alerts, either via OWL, the Hertfordshire Online Watch Link, this site, or social media, to share information and advice with their senior neighbours so that they are made aware of crime warnings.

Hertfordshire police say Senior Watch operates in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch, informing members via email about current crime and safety risks facing older residents and offering preventative advice.

Anyone can sign up for Senior Watch, and police are particularly keen to involve any residents who have older neighbours or relatives, or who care for an elderly person in a personal or professional capacity.
“We are asking for your support in helping to protect our older residents by agreeing to receive Senior Watch email messages from your local policing team, containing information for you to share with older residents.”
For more information, or to join, you can contact the Watch Liaison Team via email at police@owl.uk or telephone the police non-emergency number, 101, and ask to speak to the Watch Liaison Officers.

Senior Watch information sheets

Note: Image of elderly woman at the top of the article by Borya released via Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

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