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Conservatives hold Welwyn Hatfield

Labour second, Liberal Democrats come third

Brookmans Park polling station - image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons

Grant Shapps has held his Welwyn Hatfield seat in the 2019 general election, winning 52.6% of the votes cast.

Labour's Rosie Newbigging came second with 31.6%, the Liberal Democrat candidate, Paul Zukowskyj, came third with 12.7%, and the Green Party candidate, Oliver Sayers, was fourth with 3.1%.

The Tory majority was 21.1% with a turnout of 69.8%. The votes are as follows:
  • Grant Shapps, Conservatives - 27,394
  • Rosie Newbigging, Labour - 16,439
  • Paul Zukowskyj, Liberal Democrats - 6,602
  • Oliver Sayers, Greens - 1,618
Data source: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

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