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Forged £20 banknotes set to “flood the market”

Police warn of counterfeits in run-up to Christmas

Photograph of £20 bank notes by Images Money released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

Hertfordshire police say they expect to see an increase in forged £20 banknotes in the coming months.

A new £20 polymer note will be issued in February. Police say criminals will be attempting “flood the market” with forgeries before the old notes are withdrawn from circulation.

They say it’s important the public remain vigilant about spotting counterfeit paper £20 notes, which they say is the most commonly forged paper currency in the UK.

According to Hertfordshire police the new £20 notes will contain “sophisticated security features making it the most secure Bank of England bank note yet”.
“With Christmas coming, it is thought those producing forged paper £20 notes will attempt to flood the market before the new notes come in. So it’s crucial that people remain vigilant about spotting counterfeit paper £20s until they’re withdrawn from circulation.”
For advice about checking banknotes, and what to do if you discover one, police suggest people check the Bank of England website. The bank has also produced a guide (embedded below) for people who want to check whether a banknote is genuine.

The information above was circulated via OWL, the Hertfordshire Online Watch Link. The photograph of £20 bank notes is by Images Money and released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

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