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Double scam warning for local residents

TV licence and Amazon Prime frauds

Hertfordshire Police crime alert graphic

Police say they have received reports of telephone and email scams being carried out across Hertfordshire.

The scams involve bogus calls and emails from fraudsters pretending to be representatives of TV Licensing, Amazon Prime, or the recipient’s bank.

Hertfordshire police are warning residents not to be taken in by fraudsters who appear convincing.

TV licence scam

Police say an email is being sent out that says that the payment for the TV licence could not be taken. It urges recipients to click on a link.

Once the link is clicked, the recipient is then contacted by phone. The person on the other end of the line pretends to be from the resident’s bank. They say that the customer’s bank account needed freezing and that they will have to transfer their money to a new account.

The potential victim is then told to use a specific browser where they are asked to enter their bank account details. The scammer then uses the information to take money from their account.

Police say that if anyone receives any communication regarding payments for their TV licence they should contact TV Licensing via the official website or contact their bank.

Amazon Prime scam

Police say there is also a telephone scam being carried out across Hertfordshire about the Amazon Prime trial period.

An automated call is received saying an Amazon Prime renewal is due for £39.99 a month. The recipient is told to press the number 1 on their phone if they want to cancel.

If they do, they are connected to fraudster posing as “a technical advisor”.  The recipient is then given a set of instructions which includes downloading an application from a specified site.

Police say once this is done the fraudster has complete access to the recipient’s computer.

If you have signed up to Amazon Prime for a 30-day trial, you will not get automated calls reminding you for renewal. Amazon will automatically renew ongoing membership if you do not cancel. To cancel you need to contact the company using the contact details received when taking out the trial period.

Officers say that if you receive any of these type of calls you should report them to Action Fraud.

Note: The information above was taken from two police alerts circulated via the Hertfordshire OWL (Online Watch Link).

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