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Proposals to build hundreds of new North Mymms dwellings shelved

Green belt to be protected, with existing ‘high harm’ and new ‘moderate high harm’ sites removed from Local Plan

Site known as WeG15 south of Welham Green being considered for housing  Image by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Site known as WeG15 south of Welham Green now removed from Local Plan
Image by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC) is to consult on a plan to protect the borough’s green belt which will remove all existing and proposed ‘high harm’ and new ‘moderate high harm’ sites from the Local Plan, along with those that result in coalescence between villages.

Councillors have decided that building on such green belt sites was “too high a price to pay”.

This now means that the site known as BrP4 in Brookmans Park, which is south of Bradmore Lane and west of Station Road, has been removed from the local plan.

So have most of the new sites around Welham Green, including the site known as WeG15 to the south-west of the village.

A list of all the North Mymms sites, proposed, removed, or still in, along with a map, is at the bottom of the page.

Councillor Stephen Boulton, executive member for Environment and Planning, said councillors had,  “listened very carefully to the views of our communities over loss of green belt and are taking all options off the table where the impact of development is too high”.

WHBC’s Planning and Parking Panel had met to consider proposals to increase the number of new dwellings in North Mymms by 1,235 as part of the adjustment to the borough’s Local Plan.

Last year, after the independent inspector ruled that WHBC had not met the required target for new homes in the borough, the local authority put out a call-for-sites in an effort to meet the shortfall.

Originally, North Mymms had 501 homes allocated in the draft local plan, published in 2016.

With the additional recommendations from last year’s call-for-sites, the number rose to 1,736, which represents an addition of 1,235 homes in the parish.

The proposed changes will now go through a public consultation process which will probably run for six weeks from Monday 10 February, 2020.

The minutes of the meeting of the Welwyn Hatfield Council Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel (CPPP), held on Wednesday 29 January 2020, are embedded below.

The North Mymms sites proposed, removed, or still in 

Brookmans Park

  • HS21 (BrP13) - Land west of Golf Club Road, currently an allocated site for 14 dwellings remains
  • HS22 (BrP4) - Land west of Brookmans Park railway station, allocated site removed (high harm)
  • HS23 (BrP14) - Land east of Golf Club Road, currently an allocated site for 10 dwellings remains
  • BrP1 & BrP35 - Upper Bell Lane Farm and Bell Bar Pet Farm/Aylmer motorworks - new sites allocated for 106 dwellings
  • BrP12a - Land north of Peplins Way not allocated (moderate high harm)
  • BrP34 - BBC Transmitting Station not allocated (moderate high harm)


  • HS11- Land at South Way, currently an allocated site for 120 dwellings remains

Little Heath

  • HS24 (BrP7) - Land south of Hawkshead Road, allocated site removed (high harm)
  • HS25 (LHe1) - Land north of Hawkshead Road, currently an allocated site for 35 dwellings remains (moderate low harm)
  • LHe4/5 - Studlands & Videne, Hawkshead Road, new site allocated for 36 dwellings (moderate harm)

Welham Green

  • SDS 7 - Marshmoor, currently an allocated site for 92 dwellings remains
  • HS35 - Foxes Lane, currently an allocated site for 12 pitches remains
  • WeG1 - Units 1-3, 5 Welham Manor, new site allocated for 16 dwellings (low harm)
  • WeG 3 & WeG 3a - Land south of Welham Manor, new sites allocated for 68 dwellings (moderate harm)
  • WeG 6  - Skimpans Farm, not allocated (coalescence)
  • WeG10 - Dixons Hill Road, new site allocated for 120 dwellings (moderate harm)
  • WeG12 - North of Pooleys Lane not allocated (coalescence)
  • WeG15 - Potterells Farm not allocated (moderate high harm)
  • WeG17 - Land south of Dixons Hill Road not allocated (high harm)

Local plan map for Bell Bar and Brookmans Park
Bell Bar and Brookmans Park

Local plan map for Little Heath
Little Heath

Local plan map for Welham Green
Welham Green

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