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Residents offer “solution” to school traffic issues

Meeting held to consider impact of Chancellor’s School’s expansion plans on local roads

Photograph of Weekday parking close to the Chancellor's entrance on Pine Grove Image by North Mymms News, released under Creative Commons
Weekday parking close to the Chancellor’s entrance on Pine Grove
Image by North Mymms News, released under Creative Commons

Residents living close to Chancellor’s School in Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, have put forward “a solution to the traffic issues” associated with the school’s expansion plans.

They say the proposal - which is reproduced below - has been “carefully thought through by the residents” who are likely to be affected when the development of the school takes place.

Representatives of a local residents group say a meeting on Tuesday night, called to discuss the expansion plans and their likely impact on traffic in the area, had “a high turnout” and was “extremely productive”.

The group claims that the solution worked out at the meeting addresses “all present and future health and safety issues that impact Pine Grove, the school population, and the surrounding community of Brookmans Park”.

They say that, if implemented, the solution put forward by the local residents “will have immediate benefits to the whole community”.

The text of the solution, emailed to this site by the residents group, is reproduced below.

The residents solution

Item 1 
a) Restrictive residents-only parking along the length of Pine Grove on both sides, at the start and end of the school day. (8am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm). 
b) the same as (a) above, also to apply at the junction of where Pine Grove meets George’s Wood Road for a length of 20m either side at the junction along George’s Wood Road and the opposite side of the road for a length of 50m. 
c) the same as (a) above to apply at the cross junction where George’s Wood Road, Brookmans Avenue, Golf Road Road, and Mymms Drive on all sides of the roads for a distance not less than 30m from the junction measured in four directions. 
d) the same as (a) above to apply in Bells Lane. 
Note: the above will be denote with clear signage indicating the restrictions and that they are also entering a school zone. The speed limits in Pine Grove will also be reduced from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. Signage will also be placed strategically along the length of Pine Grove and at the junction of Pine Grove and George’s Wood Road, and for the other areas similar signage will be installed. 
The type of parking restrictions mentioned above will be such that an automatic penalty charge will be issued if anybody other than the residents park in the restricted time zone. 
Further no drop-off or pick-up will be allowed. For this reason it is of paramount importance that a parking warden will be on site patrol to cover the area during the restricted parking times. 
It is also noted that construction activities for the school expansion are planned to start in March 2020. For this to be allowed to proceed item 1 above needs to be rolled out and implemented forthwith and must be completed prior to any construction activities commencing. 
Item 2 
a) as there will be no drop-off or pick-up allowed within the entire length of Pine Grove,  the residents’ view to addressing this point is that the school has sufficient land within the school grounds to implement a proper drop-off and pick-up zone for parents who wish to drive their children to school. The residents see this point as non-negotiable as this is one of the major road safety incidents that occurs on a regular basis with erratic drivers and parents dropping their children at the school. 
b) recognising that the school at present does not have sufficient parking facilities for its teaching staff, auxiliary staff, and students etc, and that the present 106 approved does not provide sufficient parking for the present situation, nor for the future requirements. 
Albeit that we are in a green area, in the interests of safety, however, the residents have agreed that the school should be allowed to increase the number of parking requirements to cater not only for its present needs, but equally for the future, and this is to be designed in such a way to cater for item 2(a) above equally. 
Note, as stated above, that with construction activities soon to commence, the school needs to cater for the above during its planned construction activities. 
This point is also non-negotiable. In order not to impact on the local community, and for the sake of health and safety, the school would need to implement the installation of ground mats etc  of a temporary nature to facilitate both the parking needs and the drop-off and pick-up until the permanent solution has been constructed.
The group says it has a meeting scheduled with the Secretary of State for Transport and local MP, Grant Shapps, on Friday 28 February.

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