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Local youth project offers coronavirus help

Volunteers ready to assist with shopping and daily tasks

Images of groceries by The Unwinder, phone by Pikrepo, dog walking by Chris Reynolds, and postbox by Soapbeard, all released via Creative Commons.
Volunteers ready to help those self-isolating and feeling vulnerable with everyday tasks

The North Mymms Youth Project (NMYP) is offering help to those who are self-isolating because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The group says it has a team ready to post letters, do shopping, walk dogs, or just have a chat on the phone.

Organisers at the project say they have a number of volunteers in Brookmans Park and Welham Green who are happy to help. There is no charge for this service.

Anyone requiring assistance is asked to call 01707-444420 (a 24-hour answerphone) and leave a message. Alternatively the group can be contacted via email at help@nmyouth.org.uk.

How the help initiative works

The NMYP says it has a ‘core group’ of five people organising the help.

When someone leaves an answerphone message, or sends an email to the project, the information is shared between the core group.

The details of the request are then posted on a password-protected webpage.

Volunteers will be able to see only a general description of the help needed, such as ‘shopping required, Dixons Hill Road’.

If a volunteer is able to help with the request they tell the core team.

At that point the name and contact details of the person needing help is shared with the volunteer.

A password is then issued to the volunteer and the person needing help.

The password will be used on the doorstep when the volunteer calls in order to give the recipient of the help confidence about who is calling at their door.

All volunteers will be given a guidance sheet containing advice on how they should deal with requests, as well as how they should deal with those needing help.

The NMYP says that, depending on how the situation develops, it might be necessary to split the parish of North Mymms into smaller areas with a core team for each.

The charity says it will review the situation regularly and it might also need to change the core team if any members become ill or have to self-isolate.

As well as dealing with requests from vulnerable individuals, the NMYP is open to dealing with more general requests for help from other community organisations as appropriate.

The North Mymms Youth Project is a registered charity, number 1166086.

Below is a flyer that has been posted door-to-door throughout the parish.

North Mymms Youth Project coronavirus help flyer

There are also many other offers of help being posted on local Facebook sites and other social media in the area.

As with all offers it’s important to ensure that those offering help are genuine. At the weekend, Hertfordshire police warned about an increase in the number of coronavirus-related scams aimed mainly at the elderly.

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