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Coronavirus help and support from local councils

Borough and county leaflet homes with updated guides

The cover of the WHBC coronavirus leaflet - April 2020

Leaflets from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC) and Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) are being posted door-to-door as both local authorities set out their strategies for dealing with coronavirus and setting out what help is available.

Meanwhile the North Mymms Youth Project (NMYP) has expanded the services it is offering, and says it’s received more than 300 calls for help since the scheme began last month.

Supporting You Through Coronavirus”, published by WHBC, lists groups ready to help those in need, includes information for those who want to volunteer to help, offers advice for those requiring financial support, and sets out how to try to stop the spread of the virus.

Hertfordshire United Against Coronavirus”, published by HCC, has sections on the support available for people who need it, how to look after yourself and your family, advice on staying well at home, and a page with a list of organisations to contact for advice about how to deal with the impact of the virus.

The WHBC and HCC documents are embedded below.

The NMYP is also providing local community support and has updated the services it’s offering. The group has dealt with more than 300 calls since the scheme began last month.

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