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Don’t light bonfires in your garden

Fires pose health risk for those with respiratory illnesses

Photograph of bonfire by Mattbuck released via Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0

A plea has been made by Hertfordshire’s fire and police services for people not to light garden bonfires because of the risk to health and the environment.

They also say that this bank holiday weekend is set to be dry, creating conditions for fires to spread quickly.

The warning, issued by Herts Fire and Rescue Service and repeated by Hertfordshire Constabulary says bonfires can cause a variety of problems.
“Not only can they quickly get out of control and pose a risk to you, your family, and your property, but they can cause issues for people with respiratory illnesses, harm wildlife, pollute the atmosphere and cause nuisances for neighbours.”
There is also a warning about lighting barbecues in dry conditions.
“Don’t light barbecues near sheds, trees or shrubs, and make sure your barbecue is placed on an even surface. Always have a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of an emergency, and don’t leave the barbecue until it has completely gone out.”
For those taking a drive for a walk, there is a reminder that dry grass is extremely flammable.
“Please help prevent field fires in the dry weather by not throwing cigarettes out of car windows. Take your litter home with you, as some items can magnify the sun’s heat and start fires.”
Anyone who sees a fire when out and about is asked to call 999. The information above was circulated via the Hertfordshire Online Watch Link (OWL).

Photograph of bonfire by Mattbuck released via Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0

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