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Campaign against flats conversion continues

Another letter delivered door-to-door

11 Brookmans Avenue, Brookmans Park Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
11 Brookmans Avenue, Brookmans Park
Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

The Brookmans Park Estate Residents Committee (BPERC) has circulated another letter urging people to oppose the development of flats at 11 Brookmans Avenue, with a reminder that the 30-day period to object is under way.

Two weeks ago both the owners of the property and the BPERC delivered letters door-to-door stating their position as the matter went to the Upper Tribunal at the High Court.

Now the BPERC has responded to the points made by the owners in their letter of Tuesday 16 June claiming that what was written was “inaccurate and misleading in several respects”.

The committee’s letter is embedded below.

This site offered the residents of 11 Brookmans Avenue the chance to respond to the letter, but they replied that they had not been sent a letter by the BPERC “although we are residents of the Brookmans Estate” and said that they were unable to “make any comment without full knowledge”.

“We feel that all comments and opinions will be addressed at the tribunal and a decision made”, they said. 

North Mymms News shared the letter with the owners of 11 Brookmans Avenue, and is ready to publish a response on this page.

A notice giving details about the tribunal has been attached to a post outside 11 Brookmans Avenue. The case number LP/11/2020.

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  1. A few large houses in potters bar, that are in very nice streets have been converted into self contained rooms, hostels and flats. Police called everyday in rose mead little heath

  2. Is it the case that, in Brookmans Avenue, erecting huge walls and gates to create luxury gated houses / grounds, at tge inevitable expense of the quial;ity of lifefor the wider community / viallage residents is ok; but ercting those same walls and gates to protect a block of flats from thos pesky residents isn't?

  3. Personally I think the flats at no.11 Brookmans Avenue have been tastefully done, unlike some of the hideous houses now 'gracing' the Avenue. However being a local resident, i would like to join the BPERC to find out more. Questions.... Who is Graham? Where are the contact details? Who is on the committee? Contact details? How did they get voted on? What is their constitution? I'm sorry but unless i am missing something, there is a definite lack of transparency with this group. Perhaps it's just me!

    1. Hi,
      I have sent an email to Graham at the BPERC drawing his attention to your comment and inviting him to reply to the points raised.

    2. Hi P Mcwilliams,

      I invited the BPERC to answer your questions, but the person who has been emailing me updates replied saying he was reluctant to respond on social media.

      I asked about the make-up of the group, its constitution, membership etc. The person who answered is called Graham, but he says doesn't want his surname published. He can be contacted at bpercommittee@gmail.com if you want to try to find out more about the organisation.

      I have so far been unable to find any information online about the group; they don't appear to have a website or social media presence.

      The following is what he issued in reply to my questions.

      "BPERC/BPERG is an official association, voted committee members, etc. The ~200 Brookmans Park residents who attended our meeting at the URC Church in November will know exactly who I am, as I spoke, alongside two of my colleagues from our committee who also spoke, our QC, Martin Hutchings, and Local Councillor Stephen Boulton. Our solicitors are Naylors LLP, specialists in property/land litigation. Our QC, Martin Hutchings, is one of the highest profile QCs in property litigation in the country."

  4. It's not just you P McWilliams. This group called a public meeting which admitted only people who registered in advance and is secretive not only with group members' details but also about the source of funding for its case. 11 Brookmans Avenue is perfectly acceptable aesthetically - outdated restrictive covenants are totally irrelevant when you look at some of the incongruous properties in the avenue.

  5. What's the matter with flats? We need more homes, not more mansions.


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