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Hertfordshire Walker reaches 100

More walks planned for 2020

Photograph of boots by Hertfordshire Walker and released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

In January 2018 the first walk was published on Hertfordshire Walker. Since then, another 99 have been uploaded covering 510 miles of footpaths, byways, and lanes in the Hertfordshire countryside.

That’s the equivalent of a 170-hour walk from Hatfield to Aberdeen, or 60 walks from Potters Bar to Welwyn Garden City.

All the walks have maps, directions and photographs, and all are free to download.

If you want a walk that starts or finishes near your home, there is a map on the site showing the starting point of all locations, embedded below.

If you want to browse through all the walks there is a list in the left-hand column of every page.

All walks feature local pubs, so if you know the name of the pub, or the town/village/hamlet where you would want to start your walk, have a look at the tag cloud, also in the left column and click on the name of the place you’d like to visit. Or you can just search for a walk using the search function on the site.

The first 12 walks first appeared in the ‘walks’ section of the former Brookmans Park Newsletter between 1998 and 2000. When the site evolved into North Mymms News two years ago, the walks were given their own site.

The first walk published was the three-mile long North Mymms Loop, the 100th walk is the six-mile Cottered S Loop.

Since it was launched two and a half years ago Hertfordshire Walker has been viewed a quarter of a million times;  currently there are around 2,000 page views a day.

The site recently changed its address to https://www.hertfordshirewalker.uk/, so if you have any old bookmarks it’s worth changing them.

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