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Tribunal to consider Brookmans Avenue flats

Occupiers put their case, residents’ group calls for objections

11 Brookmans Avenue, photograph by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
11 Brookmans Avenue photographed 16 June 2020
Image by North Mymms News released via Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
A couple who demolished their Brookmans Park house in order to build apartments on the plot so they could “downsize and remain in the village” where they have “lived happily for 40 years” have spoken out about efforts to oppose the development.

In a letter posted door-to-door, the occupants of 11 Brookmans Avenue say “misrepresentative information” has been circulated by the Brookmans Park Estate Residents Committee (BPERC) and the couple now want to provide an “accurate account of events and correct facts and legal assertions made by the BPERC”.

The couple say they “love the culture of the village” and are “just an ordinary family wanting a safe place to retire and live, close to the shops, our family and friends”.

And they have invited anyone who has any questions about the development to contact them at stutina@hotmail.com.

A copy of the letter which dropped through letterboxes in Brookmans Park on Tuesday 16 June is embedded below.

On Sunday 14 June, the BPERC sent out an email urging residents to object to the flats being completed.

It says that if nothing is done, “the court will allow the covenant change to this house” which would lead to “stripping away the legal protections currently in place against unlawful flatted development across Brookmans Park”.

The BPERC says it is aware of at least two other properties with plans for flats based upon the outcome of the case, “so this is a one-time fight. By objecting you will help prevent this and help preserve the village for future generations”.

The BPERC invites anyone who wishes to object through the group or who has any questions to contact Graham at bpercommittee@gmail.com.

The text of the email sent out on Sunday 14 June is embedded below.

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