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Another change to food waste collection

Green kerbside food caddy service to start in November

Image of food waste by Taz released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

A new weekly collection of food waste is being introduced by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC).

Food caddies will be delivered throughout the borough by mid-September.

At first only those living in houses will receive one of the green 23 litre caddies.

The local authority says people living in flats won’t be included when the scheme is rolled out, but says it hopes to introduce food waste collections to some flats in the future.

The council says there is no charge for the new service because it is able to offset some of the cost against the payments made for garden waste collections.

The caddies can be lined with newspaper, food caddy liners, or plastic bags, such as bags from bread, salad or cereal. The council says these are removed from the food waste during the recycling process. The only thing you can’t use is black bags.

Those who have been putting their food waste in the brown garden waste recycling bins are being advised not to do so in future. WHBC says the new caddies should be used instead which, the authority says, will leave more space in the brown bins for garden waste.

And they warn against composting certain food waste at home saying “a significant amount of food waste, including items such as meat, fish and dairy, should not be composted at home”.

The green caddies have lockable lids in order to reduce the likelihood of spillages or attracting pests. The local authority won’t be providing smaller kitchen caddies.

WHBC says that about 30% of the content in refuse bins is made up of food waste. By introducing the separate food waste collection the council says it will enable the material to be turned into energy and fertiliser.

The council says the caddy can be used for all raw and cooked food waste, including pet food, bones and tea bags. Below is a list of what can and can’t be put in the caddies.

Items that can be put in the new caddies:
  • All food leftovers, including pet food and plate scrapings
  • Dairy, cheese, eggs 
  • Breads and pastries 
  • Pasta and rice
  • Meat, bones and carcasses 
  • Fish, bones and carcasses 
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds 
  • Fruit, vegetables and peelings 
Items that should not be put in the new caddies:
  • Plastic pots and tubs 
  • Glass 
  • Cardboard 
  • Garden waste 
  • Pet waste, litter or bedding 
  • Liquids
The food caddies need to be put out by 6:30am on the weekly collection day. If you haven’t received your caddy by Friday 18 September you should contact WHBC.

The new weekly collection service will begin on Monday 2 November.

The service was first mentioned in May when the new waste collection and street cleansing contract was awarded to Urbaser Limited.

Image above by Taz released via Creative Commons BY 2.0

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