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Welcome to North Mymms News

News and information for the civil parish of North Mymms in Hertfordshire. There is a comment box below each item - you might need to disable ad blocker temporarily to reveal

Comments Welcome

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North Mymms News welcomes comments, feedback and suggestions about the news items on the site. We want this to be a community project with everyone feeling they can add their opinions to the material published.

It could be that you have extra information to add to a news item that’s been published, or perhaps you have spotted an error that needs to be corrected.

Or it could be that you have your own news item to share; in that case please use the contact form on the right of any page to let us know.

For comments on the articles, please use the Disqus comment box at the foot of any item.

If you have an active ad blocker it might prevent the comment box from loading. You could disable the ad blocker temporarily while you add your comments and then turn it back on again once you have finished.

As with all public comment areas we have a few basic rules, which I know most people will abide by, but they need to be mentioned.

Any posts that appear to be spam, contain adult content, are abusive and inflammatory, contain non-relevant links, or contain any copyright material, will be deleted.

All the rest is fine.

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Check what support and help is available